C.G. Bethel Senior Receives College Scholarship

2018-04-05T12:17:08+00:00January 22nd, 2018|Headlines|

John Hamilton is a 19 year old future graduate at C.G. Bethel High School in N. Miami Beach, who has just received confirmation that he has been accepted to Barry University, a private Catholic institution in the City of Miami Shores.  In addition to his college acceptance, John was informed that he is the recipient of a $32,000.00 academic scholarship.

John came to C.G. Bethel from Boston as an 11th grader. Before arriving at C.G. Bethel, he encountered some difficulty enrolling in local traditional high schools in the area, due to his age and poor academic standing from his previous school.

He enrolled at C.G. Bethel in November of 2016, and since then, he has not only caught up academically, but he also has “surpassed all expectations,” according to Principal Alex Madrigal.  Starting with a 1.5 GPA and over 5 credits behind his class, John gained the necessary traction, and currently has a 3.24 GPA, and is three credits from graduation.

“John is a true success story, and he epitomizes what our vision and mission are as school and organization,” said Principal Madrigal.

Motivated by the success of his peers, and that he too could pursue a college education; John decided to take the SAT on a whim without preparing.  While he did well, he was not satisfied and sought the help from one of his teachers, Mr. Harry Fanfan.  On the next time, John increased his SAT score by 140 points.

With his higher test scores and improved academic transcript, John received his first college acceptance letter last week – and the $32,000.00 scholarship – which he will use to earn a degree in business administration.