New North Carolina Bridgescape Program

By Leah Mallon, Director of Government Affairs, and Jennifer Parker, Executive Director & Educational Service Lead, Virtual and Alternative Educational Solutions

This spring, in partnership with EdisonLearning, Warren County Schools in North Carolina developed an unconventional educational program for students in grades 7 and 8 who are at least two years behind their original cohort.

Through the Bridgescape 8+ Collaborative Classroom, located within Warren County High School, highly qualified North Carolina-certified teachers provide instruction focused on English language arts and mathematics remediation. The program combines a blended instructional model including daily targeted reading and math instruction, individual learning plans, and strong academic support and guidance including life skills, values, and character education.

Outside the Collaborative Classroom, students are enrolled in at least one elective course taught by a Warren County High School teacher and are mainstreamed with age-level peers for lunch.

The goal of this partnership is to bridge the gap for students who have fallen behind in their coursework. In order to provide the best support for students, frequent communication occurs with parents and students. For example, during spring break, parents and students meet with teachers to review the results of the initial diagnostics and review the program expectations.

On the Collaborative Classroom partnership and its impact on the students of Warren County Schools, Alvin Allgood, EdisonLearning’s senior vice president of virtual and alternative education solutions, believes, “Reform is all about tearing down conventional ways of thinking. In our classrooms, we start with the student at the core then build a program around them to provide the best chance for success. Every decision at every level must tie directly back to every student.”

Chelsa Jennings, School Improvement Grant Director, Warren County High School, said that the program is “moving in the right direction and is developing sustainable procedures and processes that will create success. Together students, parents, teachers, EdisonLearning staff, and Warren County Schools staff and administration are creating a pathway to student success.”

Reneka Andrews, Program Manager and Math Teacher, agreed. “The Warren County Bridgescape 8+ Program is off to a terrific start. We began the program by setting high expectations and standards for student achievement and conduct. We are committed to training students to become productive, law abiding citizens, which begins every day by challenging students to change negative work habits into effective and proficient skills that will help them to build a better future for themselves.”

Warren Bell, Principal of Warren County High School, said that students are responding well to the high expectations that have been set for them. “8 + students are at the top of the list in positive behavior in the school and have been extremely respectful and hard working. I hope that students will achieve success in academics, attendance, and behavior that warrants them being transferred to the high school level by August.”

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