EdisonLearning to Provide eCourse Curriculum to Indiana’s State-wide Virtual School

EdisonLearning has been at the forefront of the most dramatic advances in American public education for a generation, and continues to establish itself as a leader in virtual education with a new partnership recently finalized with the Indiana Virtual School.

Indiana Virtual School, an online public charter school funded by the Indiana Department of Education, serves 3,700 students throughout the state.  It is the only online, virtual JH/HS education program in Indiana created by public school teachers for public school students.

Shortly, EdisonLearning’s more than 200 eCourses will be available to students at Indiana Virtual.

This new partnership, following the acquisition of the Mavericks in Education schools in Florida, is a significant, positive step in EdisonLearning’s “Pivoting to Growth” initiative point #1 to; Demonstrate top line growth through new sales.


To learn more about Indiana Virtual School, visit: