Honor Our Veterans

EdisonLearning Colleagues Recognized for Military Service

At the present time, there are 21 million American men and women who have served in the military branches of the United States. They come from all walks of life; they are parents, children, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

The above image displays members of the EdisonLearning team who have served, or in some cases, are still serving our country.  Our appreciation of their commitment is unlimited, and we are honored to have them as colleagues.

On November 11, Americans will observe Veterans Day and honor all of our fellow citizens who put on a uniform to not only protect and defend our nation, but to help bring about a better and safer world.

Since the conclusion of the World War I, which was labeled at the time as, “the war to end all wars,” mankind has engaged in armed conflicts too numerous to list. Nearly all have been fueled by religious intolerance, racial prejudice, or sheer desire for power. Yet, the overwhelming cause of war and destruction has been – ignorance: the lack of knowledge.

On a daily basis, our organization is committed to advancing student achievement not only in the U.S. and U.K., but throughout the world.  This significant aspect of our Mission and Vision is how we can impact mankind, so that brave freedom-loving soldiers will not have to march into harm’s way.

We further have a role to play in the reintegration of our veterans when they transition to civilian life, including the transition to employment.  It is for this reason that we have partnered with Troops to Teachers in every school location across the country. This U.S. Department of Defense program helps eligible military personnel begin a new career as teachers in public schools where their skills, knowledge and experience are most needed.

EdisonLearning is a military friendly employer, and proud of it. We know that veterans offer us all an example of what it means to truly serve. Making extraordinary sacrifices, they have dedicated themselves to protecting our country, our freedoms, and our way of life.

As you celebrate Veteran’s Day this weekend, please join me in making a special effort to show our gratitude, support and respect for the brave and selfless contributions of our Veterans and their families.


Thom Jackson



Preparing Students for College and Career

Florida based school host College & Career Fairs

Helping high school seniors prepare for their educational futures and possible career choices has always been a key component of EdisonLearning’s educational model.  It is for this reason, that the company’s Florida based schools have held College & Career Fairs throughout the month of October.

Sunrise High of Fort Lauderdale hosted their Fall College & Career Fair last Wednesday, affording its students the opportunity to explore future education opportunities. The event was coordinated by Academic Advisor, Sandra Jones with help from Mr. Wilburn and Mrs. Washington.

Fifteen Colleges, Universities, Military Branches, and Tech Schools, including Broward College, Atlantic Technical College, Boca Beauty and Florida Memorial University had representatives at the event. Most importantly, 10 Sunrise High seniors received onsite acceptance letters to attend Florida Memorial University next Fall.

Chambers High School in Homestead, Florida, hosted the Fall College and Career Fair. The event was coordinated by Academic Advisor, Marcella Phillips. Dan Walke, the School Leader, welcomed each guest, and encouraged the representatives to return for classroom presentations throughout the school year.

Representatives from twenty Universities, Colleges, Technical Schools, and the Military attended the event, including Florida International University, University of Florida, University of Central Florida, Florida National University, Florida State University, Robert Morgan Technical College, Paul Mitchell the School and the Air Force. The students gained valuable exposure to opportunities and possibilities for their future. 

On Wednesday, October 25, forty-six Andrews High School juniors and seniors attended the annual Florida Construction Career Days sponsored by the Broward School District.  Construction Career Days provided our students the chance to participate and interact with industry partners, operate heavy machinery, and experience hands on activities in the field of construction. Students were also able to navigate BCPS Career launch Document to learn about pathways, scholarships, and industry certifications. One of our students Gesney Charles was invited to take part on November 4, at a Seminar in Hollywood, FL for Remote pilot certification by Florida Surveying and Mapping Society.   Ms. Greene and Ms. Antoine chaperoned the trip. 






Gary Partnership School Welcomes Jackson Family

Janet and Randy Jackson Meet With Theodore Roosevelt Students

Janet Jackson had a sentimental homecoming Friday in Gary. The singer, youngest sibling of the Jackson family, and her brother Randy, spent time at the Jackson childhood home at 2300 Jackson St. in Gary. They also visited Roosevelt High School to talk with students and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

The Jacksons' visit to Gary came a day after Janet's tour stop on her State of The World Tour at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

EdisonLearning has providing academic services at Theodore Roosevelt College and Career Academy since 2011.

Janet told Roosevelt students she was proud to be back in Gary. "The last time I was here I was eight years old," said the Grammy-winning singer. She said when her brothers began to get famous and the family moved to Los Angeles she was about two or three years old.

The soft spoken singer said she was excited to be back but it was also very emotional.

"When I saw the house ... I just started crying," she said, with tears in her eyes. "Me and my family are so blessed. I'm so thankful," Janet said.

"We wanted to come here and visit Roosevelt," Randy said. Jackson siblings Jackie and Rebbie attended the school when the family lived in Gary. "When we left (Gary) all we had was love and a dream," Randy added.

During the Q & A, students asked advice for going after an entertainment career, wondered who the siblings admire in the music field and other inquiries about their show business lives.

Janet told students she looks fondly on those younger days with her family. "I miss those times when I was with my brothers and sisters and we would all be performing together," she said.

When asked advice for going after dreams, Janet said "Stay focused and keep your dream." She added there's much out there to detain people from reaching their goals.

Randy added, "Be the best you can be, work hard and keep God in it."

"Yes, that's most important, " Janet stressed. "Always keep God close to you."

Janet said she had a number of favorite musical artists but her main inspiration in the business definitely has roots with her brothers.

When a student asked what a favorite past album of hers was, she singled out "Rhythm Nation." "When I was writing it, the things (that were happening then) are still happening." She pointed to "drugs, ignorance, racism" and the other tragedies and evils currently going on in the world.


Project Take Flight Brings UK Students to the U.S.

UK Partnership School Students Visit Chicago-area

Students from EdisonLearning UK’s partner, Kingsthorpe College, are currently on a seven day return visit to the United States, and having visiting EdisonLearning partnership schools in the Chicago-area, and Gary, Indiana.  Over the weekend of October 21-22  , they spent time at Chicago’s Navy Pier, and visited Theodore Roosevelt College and Career Academy in Gary yesterday.

This is the second year of the Project Take Flight program, which continues the links, both cultural and educational, between Kingsthorpe College and its U.S. partner schools, as well as further develops an understanding of the different education systems in both countries.  In 2016, the UK students were able to learn a great deal about the education system in America, the students felt that they would like to know more about the transition to and from high school and the process of achieving a high school diploma.

The UK students have also continued to develop the Social Justice project they began at TRCCA and would like to be able to continue and develop this further – the issue they chose, healthcare, will continue to be high profile especially in light of recent political changes.

On October 25, Bridgescape Learning Academy-Humboldt Park was pleased to welcome the Kingsthorpe students and staff.  During the visit, Bridgescape and Kingsthorpe students shared experiences, and discussed political, social justice, and education concerns that challenge not only the city of Chicago, but the world as a whole.

Kingsthorpe College students were also presented with mini-lessons from a few of Humboldt Park’s teaching staff, who touched on slam poetry, debating the struggles of achieving the “American Dream,” and working together to solve logarithms. The Kingsthorpe also enjoyed Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza from Giordano’s Pizza.



New Video Highlights Success at Sunrise High School

Guiding Students to Graduation

Sunrise High School in Fort Lauderdale, FL has produced a new informational video that promotes the school’s success in helping students earn their high school diplomas. To see Principal Martie Lovely and her students, follow the link below.