Teacher Appreciation Week

Thom Jackson Honors EdisonLearning's Educators

We are currently in the middle of “National Teacher Appreciation Week” – a rightful recognition for talented and dedicated professionals who are real-life superheroes.

Yet, our organization does not need to wait for a special occasion to express our support and thanks for the significant role teachers play every day as they touch the lives of young people far beyond the boundaries of the classroom – because these remarkable individuals are among us on a daily basis.

Whether in our brick & mortar school partnerships, in our virtual service center in Pittsburgh or Provost Academies, in our Bridgescape Learning Academies, across the ocean in the UK, and even in remote office locations – EdisonLearning is a company of teachers.

A founding principle of this company, which is relevant even more so today, is that a student’s life circumstances do not dictate their potential for success and attainment of their dreams.  Therefore, we know that having an effective teacher is the most important in-school factor for student success.

Our teacher-colleagues bear an enormous responsibility of passing on their wisdom and knowledge. They instill the value of education in each and every one of their students - the kind of education that molds a human being for life.

Italian astronomer and mathematician Galileo expressed, "You cannot teach a person anything; you can only help them discover it in themself."  Good teachers enable discovery. They open new avenues, and encourage students to explore and achieve their true potential.

I am certain that each of us has a favorite teacher.  Some of our best memories of childhood may revolve around a great teacher, who inspired and changed our life. Their charisma, enthusiasm, and knowledge linger in our memory. Subconsciously, we emulate them as we pass on our knowledge to the next generation. This is how a great teacher's influence can last for many generations.

Throughout our organization’s existence, we have been blessed with the presence of some of the finest professional educators to ever practice their craft.  Today, the legacy continues with our current team.  So for this week, and every week, we express our appreciation to them for all that they do for our organization, and for the young people we serve.


Thom Jackson