Meet Katchia Gethers, Senior VP of Education Services - East Region

“I think about the influence I have had on a student’s life. It makes me remember that our number one clients will always be the students.”


When did you join EdisonLearning?
I joined EdisonLearning in 2006.

What are your top work priorities?
The best advice that I received from one of the most effective managers was to always remember that your time is never your own. Therefore, my top priority is being available and a source of support for the regional field team. I want each member to know that I am a resource for brainstorming ideas, discussing roadblocks, identifying solutions, or someone they can just talk to because that‘s what he or she needs to do.

Other priorities include improving the quality of EdisonLearning‘s relationships among various stakeholders for the diverse products in my portfolio, which includes charter schools and the Alliance partnerships. I ensure that the schools receive high-quality support that is connected to our Five Strand design and that we are delivering services as agreed upon in the contract.

What do you like most about your job?
I like it when I can identify a need and provide a service that will show value. There is nothing more rewarding than to meet with a superintendent, the board, teachers, or principals and listen to them discuss an area for growth and being able to deliver a product that will address that need and enhance performance— whether it is increasing performance as a leader, teacher or governing board.

What do you do in your spare time?
I belong to two charity organizations, so I am constantly involved in community service activities— mentoring young students, providing toiletries to homeless shelters, creating care bags for abused women and their children, or preparing meals for elderly— these activities consume a large percentage of my time. I also enjoy going to the movies and reading a great book.

Favorite TV shows or movies?
My favorite book, The Color Purple, is also my favorite movie. Most people tend to think of the domestic abuse when they think of the book, as it is definitely a prevalent theme. I like to focus more on the evolution of the women characters—their finding who they are and finding value in what they can become.

Favorite sports team?
Who-Dat! My favorite team is the Saints.

Favorite food?
I love Italian. What‘s not to like? Bread, pasta and great desserts!