Math Coordinator - Provost Academy Georgia


Location: Candidate must be located in Macon or Savannah for this position. This position is based at a learning center in one of these cities.

Job Summary:
This certified teacher is responsible for supporting students in math achievement, facilitating subject-specific online coursework, and providing math tutoring to students in the Magic Johnson Center in both group and individual formats. The Math Coordinator will work with students in the Magic Johnson Center to cultivate math achievement by providing support in completing coursework in math. The Math Coordinator will monitor student progress in math courses and will provide weekly reports to the Math Instructors in Central Services on tutoring provided to students, including what skills were worked on and any other data collected with regard to Math. The Math Coordinator will assist students in scheduling online tutoring with the Central Services Instructors as needed. The Math Coordinator will serve on the Math Achievement Team. The Math Coordinator will collect data from the Math Facilitators at other Magic Johnson Bridgescape centers to provide to the Math Achievement Team. The Math Coordinator provides training and professional learning for the Math Facilitators as needed. This is a full-time, year round position. The Math Coordinator works from a Magic Johnson Bridgescape center during business hours. Some travel may be required, including overnight.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Instructional Support and Student Achievement
    • Initiate and strengthen relationships with students 
    • Know the Provost Academy Math curriculum in the Portal
    • Supplement and reinforce the Math curriculum with online and offline materials and activities 
    • Use information generated from the student’s performance to make data-driven decisions on instructional support 
    • Collect data weekly from Math Facilitators and generate a report to the Central Services Instructors on skills that were addressed
    • Plan and deliver training for Math Facilitators as part of the Comprehensive Professional Learning program
    • Serve on the Math Achievement Team
  • Professional Responsibilities
    • Organize and participate in orientation, training, social and educational activities, field trips, and clubs for students and families
    • Commit to the use of cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality instruction to students
    • Build community by contributing to school message boards, newsletter, and events 
    • Participate in staff meetings and professional development sessions
    • Communicate with colleagues and supervisors on a regular basis
    • Participate in student recruitment and registration activities to help the school meet enrollment goals
    • Maintain confidentiality as required by the school and by law
    • Additional duties as assigned

Key Relationships:
Internal: Central Services Instructors, Special Education Teachers, Math Department Chair, Principal
External: Parents/Guardians, Students

Key Behavioral Competencies:

  • Personal Accountability - When committing to do something, does it decisively, responsibly and with urgency. Can be relied on consistently, including: 
    • Demonstrates a strong sense of urgency through prioritizing and following through on commitments
    • Drives hard to meet and frequently exceed goals and objectives within tight timeframes.
  • Decision Making
    • Makes timely decisions
    • Takes bold, decisive action or makes commitments, despite risks, conflict or uncertainty, after considering the available courses of action and the needs and values of others. 
  • Adaptability 
    • Responds to change with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn new ways of working. 
    • Seeks new skills, behaviors and knowledge to increase personal performance capabilities.
  • Relationship-Building
    • Establishes rapport with people easily
    • Develops and maintains a network of contacts that can provide information, help and access to others.


  • Bachelor’s degree in math, master’s degree preferred
  • Minimum two years’ experience teaching in a brick-and-mortar or blended learning school
  • Experience teaching or participating in an e-learning/online learning course preferred
  • Work with alternative education programs preferred
  • Georgia Teacher Certification in math required
  • Strong written and oral skills demonstrated by a writing sample
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook
  • Proficiency with multimedia communication tools, such as discussion boards, web logs, email, instant messaging and online meeting tools


Provost Academy Georgia


United States Macon GA 31201