Murrells Inlet teens part of Provost Academy

Dec 05, 2012

Alternatives to the traditional public school classroom are nothing new. Private schools, religious schools, home schooling have all been around for decades. But technology now allows students to be a part of the public school system without ever having to step foot in a traditional school building.

Alexis and Brittany Wheeler are sisters from Murrells Inlet who attended Waccamaw High School last year but are now part of Provost Academy South Carolina, a virtual public charter school for grades 9-12 that serves about 1,000 students in the state.

The academy, which is free for students who live in South Carolina,  offers students “the choice of a quality online learning experience that is engaging, personalized and flexible,” information from the school states. Students earn a regular high school diploma recognized by colleges and employers. Because they take classes online, students can attend school anytime, day or night. And they can log onto the school from anywhere there is an Internet connection.