Magic Johnson Bridgescape®

Every 26 seconds, a student drops out of high school – that’s 7,000 students every day.*

Magic Johnson Bridgescape® is EdisonLearning’s dropout prevention and recovery program, developed to address the needs of these students. The program is designed for individuals between the ages of 13-21 who have already left the school system or who are at risk of leaving, and want to earn a standard high school diploma.

Many students want to graduate, but find the obstacles overwhelming. Our goal is to bridge the gap between those high school students and the districts trying to serve them and to make graduation a reachable goal.

Magic Johnson Bridgescape combines a few integral components to provide optimal support for students.

Blended Learning Environment 

With Magic Johnson Bridgescape, learning takes place both in person and online. This unique blend of on-site, small-group direct instruction and online courses combine to deliver tailored instruction and support for each student’s individual needs.  Students progress at their own pace, and are monitored and supported with daily assessments and RTI-based interventions.

Individualized Instruction Path

At the beginning of the program, advisors confer with the student to devise a personalized curriculum that bridges the gap between the student and graduation, and incorporates their personal and academic goals.  Each plan is aligned to individual state standards and addresses all state graduation requirements. Whether they choose to join the workforce, pursue a college or technical degree, or join the military, students have support and guidance in planning their future beyond graduation.

Counseling and Coaching

At-risk students often face demands outside of school that make full-time, traditional classes difficult to attend.  Magic Johnson Bridgescape is designed with maximal flexibility in order to overcome this obstacle. Geographically convenient centers, individualized curriculum plans, onsite and online courses, personalized counseling and coaching, and schedule flexibility accommodate the external demands on students’ time. Scheduling conflicts are eliminated, and students stay on a path to graduation.



To find out more about opening a Magic Johnson Bridgescape Learning Center in your district or community, please call: 855 - 878 - 7158 or email