Learning Force in Chicago Schools

Newton Learning, an EdisonLearning program, works with schools in Chicago to:

  • Improve grade level academic achievement for eligible students
  • Increase understanding of grade level foundation skills
  • Provide students with targeted instruction on skills often found on state standardized tests

Newton Learning Chicago SES Highlights:

  • 94% of Chicago parents and 98% of Chicago educators stated that they would recommend the program to others.[i]
  •  Chicago students enrolled in the 2010-11 program made gains as high as 21% in math and 20% in reading in grades 1-2, and made gains of 15% in math and 11% in reading in grades 3-8. [ii]
  • Newton Learning is one of only three providers whose low achieving participants performed statistically better on reading I-SAT than non-participants. [iii]
  • The program added the equivalent of 9 months of reading instruction.[iv]


Newton Learning SES offers:

  • A curriculum developed by public school educators that focuses on the skills found on the Illinois I-SAT test
  • Small class sizes that ensure students receive the attention they deserve: only ten students per class
  • A program that engages and excites students with a hands-on curriculum and celebrations
  • Pre and post tests to show student growth

A curriculum that promotes character development based on the EdisonLearning Eight Core Values: 

• Wisdom • Hope • Justice • Respect • Courage • Responsibility • Compassion • Integrity




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[iv] CPS 5 Year study released 2009.